15 November to 23 November Specials

Sliced Cabage R17.50/kg
Sliced onion rings R20.50/kg
Country mix R23.00/kg
Mix vegetables R23.00/kg
250g Sliced mushrooms R11.50/250g
Whole Chicken R28.50/kg incl
12mm Chips R39.90/2.5kg
Whole beans R24.90/kg
Fish cakes R42.00/kg incl
PotatoTasti Taters R27.00/1.5kg
Veggie fingers R9.95/400g
Veggie Burgers R15.00/kg
Savoury rice R7.00/500g
2kg Veggies
Roast veg – Stir fry – Stew mix – All @ R40.00/2kg
250g Gourmet Greens Mix veg, Peas, Corn, Country mix, Cut beans all @ R7.00/250g
Try our new crumbed mushrooms @ R67.50/kg incl and our Battered onion rings @ R61.00/kg incl

Visit “The Can Shop” (On premises)
Minute Made and Zing fruit juices @R13.00/lt – 200ml R5.00
(Pears, Peaches, Apricot and Fruit cocktail) 420g from R4.50-R8.00, 825gr from R9.50-R12.50
ALL VEG @ R7.90
420g VEG -Tomato relish,Chakalaka Hot and spicy, Potato in chakalaka sauce,Speckled beans, Chopped tomato, Indian mix, Tomato and onion,Chic peas,Tomato and sweet chilli, and more
While stocks last – Please note that cans are slightly dented

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