Frozen Foods Factory shop June Specials

Specials at Frozen Foods Factory Shop

Mid month specials

Hampers 5kg’s @ R85.00 – 10kg’s @ R170.00 (You pay R17.00/kg!!!!)

1kg Hawaiian stir fry  –  R22.00
1kg Harvestime Country mix  –  R19.90
750gr Summer mix  –  R12.50
1.5kg Potato Rosti (Hashbrowns)  –  R39.50
1kg Mediteranean Roasting veg  –  R22.50
1kg Peas Carrots and Corn mix  –  R24.50
1kg Crinkle cut oven chips  –  R19.90

2.5kg Potato Roasts R35.00/2.5kg

250g French stir fry  –  R5.50 –  250g Mix Veg R5.50

250g Mixed Peppers  –  R6.90  –   200g Spinach tomato and onion mix  –  R4.60

We also have a variety of 2kg Mixes and Stir Fry @ R38/2kg (You pay R19.00/kg)

While stocks last

More Specials in store

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