We are open on 9 August at York street shop only 9H00 to 13H30












Asian Stir fry R24.50/kg
Mixed vegetables R21.90/kg
McCain Diced Beetroot R17.90/kg
Veggie soup mix R26.50/kg
Chicken Pops R120.00/2.5kg
Plain Stir fry R21.50/kg
Roast vegetables R25.90/kg

Baby Carrots R22.00/kg 






Chicken Burgers R47.90/kg incl






Mash potato R39.90/kg
Heat and eat ±10 portions                                 
Pumpkin R22.50/kg




12x Assorted Mighty Meal pies R155.00 incl You pay R12.92 ea                                            
Smoked Pork ribs R67.90/kg incl                       
Country Style veg R22.50/kg







Try our 24 mixed
Can Hamper @ R185.00
You pay R7.71/can
3x420g Peach
3x420g Fruit cocktail
2x 420g Guava
2x420g Pear
2x420g Apricot
2x420g M/S Chakalaka
2x420g Tomato and onion
2x420g Mix veg
2x420g Bakebeans in braaisauce
1x420g Greenbeans
1x420g Peas
1x420g Sweetcorn
1x420g Spaghetti




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