AVAILABLE 12 TO 31 DECEMBER

1kg Savoury rice R22.00
1kg Brussel sprouts R24.90
1kg Sweet potato R22.00
1kg Mix veg R22.00
1kg Sliced peppers R23.90
1kg Hawaiian stir fry R24.90
1kg Broccoli and Cauliflower mix R27.50
1kg Butternut R22.00
1kg Peas and Corn mix R33.50
1kg Diced onions R22.50
1kg Battered onion rings R47.00 incl
1kg Cut beans R24.90
400g Puff pastry R12.00 incl
Crushed garlic R14.50/250g
Pork spare ribs R49.90/kg incl
Pork meaty bones R44.90/2kg incl
Chicken pops R61.50/kg incl
More specials in store – While stocks last

Visit the Can Shop (On premises)
Try our R143.00 for 24 can Fruit Hamper (You pay R5.95/can!!!)
(6x 420g Pears + 7x 420g Peach + 7x 420g Fruit cocktail + 4x 420g Apricot)
450g Pineapple pieces R18.00
900g Pineapple pieces R25.00
227g Pineapple pieces R10.00
24 x 2Ply Toilet paper R130.00
400g Packo mango pickles R25.00
80g Hinds Spice R9.50
400g Corn flour R15.00
120g Squish jellie cups R5.00
110ml Squish Tropical R10
32g Southern Chicken coating R5.00
A10 3kg Pears R35.00
(Pears, Peaches, Apricot and Cocktail ) 420g from R6.50 – R9.00
825gr from R11.00- R15.00
ALL VEG R8.50ea
420g VEG -Tomato relish, Mix veg, Mild/Hot and spicy Chakalaka, Curry veg Tomato and onion, Tomato and herbs, Indian mix, Chopped tomato, Chic peas, Italian mix, Puree, Indian mix, Mexican mix, Tomato onion and garlic and more
Please note cans are slightly dented – While stocks last

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