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Frozen Foods Factory Shop George April 2016 Specials

Frozen Foods Factory Shop George April 2016 Specials

Frozen Foods Factory Shop George Special Offers April 2016

Frozen Foods Factory Shop George April 2016 Specials on Vegetables

The following vegetables are on special at Frozen Foods Factory Shop in George

  • 250g Diced peppers R6.90/250g
  • Peas R5.00/250g
  • 250g Corn R5.00/250g
  • Spinach salad(with tomato and onion) R4.70/200g
  • 7x1kg Oven chips R139.90
  • 7kg Peas R139.90
  • Crispy potato Roasties R37.50/2.5kg
  • Fish fingers R23.30/19 – Fish cakes R23.30/10
  • 2.5kg Chips R39.50
  • Banting stir fry R35.50/kg
  • 20x70g Chicken Pepper or Texas burgers R39.80ea
  • 7kg various veg Hampers (made up) R139.90

While stocks last
More specials in store!!!!

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