Don’t miss out on this great value for money offer…

± 5kg various McCain products @ R110.00 (You pay R22.00/kg)

Hampers might include Chips, Mix veg, Country mix, Peas, Corn, Roast veg, Spinach, Sweet potato, Stir fry, Carrots  etc.

Please note that Hampers are already randomly packed.

More specials

2.5kg Crumbed chicken Pops R120.00 incl (you pay R48.00/kg).

1kg Peas Carrots and Corn R26.90

1kg Baby Carrots R23.50

1kg Mash Potato R48.90 incl.

Smoked pork ribs R69.90/kg incl.

400g Crumbed steaklets R21.50/400g incl.

300g Crumbed fingers R15.70/300g incl.

Cocktail mince/chicken samoosas R54.00/25 incl..

1kg Julienne carrots R13.90

Mc Fry chip R18.50/900g

1kg Country mix R22.50

2.5kg Mc Cain Croquette’s R85.00 incl.

1kg Pumpkin R22.50

1lt Ham and Pea soup R28.90

420g Mc Cain chili garlic potato bites R19.90 incl

2.5kg Mc V Crisper fries R54.50 incl

1kg Sliced onion R22.50

1kg Mc Onion rings R44.00/kg incl

1kg Marinated cooked pulled pork R48.90/kg incl.

Fully cooked chicken Leg quarters R39.00/kg incl.


Visit the Can Shop (On premises)

New in store PIE APPLES
420g  R14.00
825g  R25.00
420g Pineapple pieces R19.00
825g Pineapple rings R33.00
420g Mixed jam R15.00

(Pears, Peaches, Fruit cocktail Apricot  ) 420g from R7.50 – R9.50 / 825gr from R11.50 – R15.00
420g VEG -Tomato relish, Mix veg, Mild/Hot and spicy Chakalaka, Curry veg Tomato and onion, Tomato and garlic, Chic peas, Chopped tomato, Butter beans Black beans,   Butter beans and tomato and more
Please note cans are slightly dented – While stocks   

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