2kg Mixed veg
2kg Stirfry mix
2kg Stew mix
2kg Roasting veg
all @ R35.00/2kg

New in store 250g Sliced mushrooms @ R11.50 – Crumbed mushrooms @R67.50/kg incl

Try out new Basil seed drink – Strawberry,Peach,Mango,Pomegranate!!!!

Veggie finger R10.90/400g
Veggie burgers R15.00/kg
Onion chef 150g R19.90
Whole beans R24.90/kg
Diced onion R13.00/kg
Potato Tasti Taters 1.5kg R23.00
GG Mix R22.00/kg
GG Country mix R22.00/kg
GG Cut beans R23.50/kg
GG Corn R24.70/kg
GG Peas R26.90/kg
Mc Crisp Oven chips R20.00/750g
7mm R21.00/kg

Visit “The Can Shop” (On premises)

Minute Made and Zing fruit juices @R13.00/lt – 200ml R5.00

(Pears, Peaches, Apricot and Fruit cocktail) 420g from R4.50-R8.00, 825gr from R9.50-R12.50

ALL VEG @ R7.90
420g VEG -Tomato relish,Mix veg, Chakalaka Hot and spicy, Curry veg,Spaghetti in tomato sauce,Potato in chakalaka sauce,Speckled beans, Chopped tomato, Indian mix, Tomato and onion,Chic peas,Tomato and sweet chilli, and more

BEST BUYS FOR 23 October to 31 October
420g Chopped peeled tomato with herbs @R7.00
420g Mediteranian mix @ R7.00
410g Red fig jam @ R12.00
700g Fruit cocktail @ R12.00

Mosselbay pilchards (tomato or chilli)@R16.00/400g
While stocks last – Please note that cans are slightly dented.

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