Mc Cain frozen vegetables

Mid June 2019 Specials

1kg Sweet potato R22.90 1kg Broccoli R25.90 2kg Potjie mix R47.00 1kg Julienne carrots R14.50 1kg Country mix R24.50 1kg Pumpkin R22.50 1kg French style vegetables R24.80 500g Sliced mushrooms R22.50 20x70g Burger patties R45.50 incl 250g Cut beans and Country mix R6.90ea Rib burgers R21.00/4x90g incl Crushed garlic R15.50/250g 400g Crispy fried onion R35.50 …

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13 to 22 May 2019 Specials

Sweet potato R22.00/kg Mixed vegetables R22.50/kg Peas R23.000/kg Cutbeans R22.90/kg Potato tasti taters R24.000/500g incl Country mix R23.000/kg Crumbed chicken Burgers R53.90/kg incl Mixed Peppers R12.90/500g Hawaiian s/f R23.50/kg Fish fingers R57.00/kg incl Brussel sprouts R23.00/kg Baby Carrots R27.90/kg Peas and Baby carrots R27.90/kg Sliced mushrooms R21.50/500g Peas and Corn mix R31.00/kg Fish cakes R44.00/kg …

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January 2019 Specials

AVAILABLE FROM 4 JANUARY 2019 – WHILE STOCKS LAST 1kg Diced carrots R18.50/kg 1kg Spicy rice R22.00/kg 1kg Brussel sprouts R31.00/kg 1kg Cutcorn R28.00/kg 1kg Baby carrots and peas R29.90/kg 1kg Broccoli and Cauliflower R27.90/kg 250g Cutbeans R7.90 250g Country mix R7.90 2kg French and Hawaiian stir fry R44.00/2kg 4x90g Plain rib burgers R19.90 incl …

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