Frozen Foods

Factory Shop

At Frozen Foods Factory Shop you’ll find a wide selection of frozen foods at factory shop prices. We not only stock frozen vegetables from reputable brands such as Gourmet Greens, Mc Cain, Season Harvest, Freezer Fresh, and an imported range from Virto Spain, we also provide a wide selection of processed frozen Chicken, Fish, Meat, and Ostrich products and for your convenience, we also stock a range of Cocktail items.

Our Brand Range :

McCain Range:

The McCain Vegetable and Potato Food Service Range

Local and Imported:

Gourmet Green, Seasons Harvest, Freezer Fresh, and Imported Range


Various Frozen and Processed Meat options

Our Product Range :

Seafood Selction:

Processed Fish Range

Poultry Range:

Processed Chicken Range


Cocktail item selection, Spices, and various snacks

"You are not an outsider in our business…..
you are part of it."