1kg Cauliflower R24.90
1kg Peas and Baby carrots R29.80
1kg Broccoli R27.50
1kg Cut beans R26.90
1kg Peas Carrots and Corn R28.50
500g Sliced peppers R14.50
1kg Peas and Corn mix R31.00
Crumbed Chicken Burger R53.90/kg incl
1kg Pickle fish R89.00 incl
500g Marinated rib burger R29.90 incl
400g Crispy fried onions R29.90 incl
1kg Cutcorn R28.90
Lancewood grated Cheddar R87.00/kg incl


Visit “The Can Shop” (On premises)
340gr Rhodes honey R40.00
825g Pears R9.00
825g Peach R10.00
420g Pears R5.00
ALL VEG @ R8.50
420g VEG -Mix veg, Mild/Hot and spicy Chakalaka, Curry veg, Chopped tomato, Chic peas, Black beans, Tomato and sweet chilli, Italian mix, Puree, Whole kernel and more
Pears, Peaches, Apricot and Fruit cocktail 420g from R6.50 – R9.00
825gr from R11.00- R15.00
Spagetti and meatballs, Chilli con carne and beef R12.90ea
While stocks last – Please note that cans are slightly dented.

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