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Facts on Frozen vegetables you need to know

-Saving time can also save you money – by using frozen vegetables you can reduce
the number of trips to the shops to purchase your weekly fresh vegetables.
-Frozen vegetables are already peeled, chopped and blanched so
they require very little preparation time.
-Frozen vegetable are versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways  from steaming,
boiling, roasting, stir frying or microwave preparation (see back of pack for recommended cooking methods).Steaming remains the best option of cooking to ensure optimal taste and texture.
-There is no wastage – you can use everything in the bag and anything you don’t use,
you can reseal and put back into the freezer.
-Reducing waste – when it comes to fresh vegetables which are decaying in the fridge
or peeling and chopping away most of the vegetable in preparation, you are losing valuable nutrients, time and ultimately money.-Portion control and convenience – when cooking with frozen you only use what you need. This allows you to control the amount you are using as you don’t have to concern yourself with waste.
-Always in season – with frozen vegetables you are able to get all your vegetables
all year round.
-Freezing is ideal for preserving vegetables.  It locks in colour, flavour and texture
and with correct storage, vitamins and minerals too.
-One of the best ways to maintain the taste and texture of vegetables is to cook them correctly.
For best results, always follow the on-pack preparation instructions.-It is important to not let frozen vegetables thaw before you cook them – always cook frozen vegetables directly from the freezer.
-To keep all the goodness sealed in, plunge the frozen vegetables into rapidly boiling water
and cook for the shortest time possible. Remember to use just enough water to cover the vegetables; too much water may cause vegetables to go soggy.
-Check that the frozen vegetables you buy are frozen. Never buy product that is partly thawed
and never thaw and then re-freeze frozen vegetables.
-Frozen vegetables are naturally great tasting but if you’d like to add some more flavour,
rather use fresh herbs and/or spices or olive oil if you feel the need to jazz them up.
-Vegetables are best eaten al dente. Al dente is a French term which means ‘firm to the tooth’.
It ensures that the vegetables are cooked through but retain a little crunch.
-Serve immediately after cooking to ensure that you retain flavour and nutritional value. The shorter the cooking time for vegetables, the less colour and nutrient loss.
(McCain Foods press release)



  1. Well done lots of folks are wary of frozen foods or tend to forget how good they actually are. You have a wide variety of product to choose from also. All the best for the coming years ahead.

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