Frozen Foods Month end Specials

March 2017 month end Specials

Frozen Foods Month end Specials

R20 Crazy deals

Brussel sprouts R20.00/kg

Cheesy Cauliflower bake R20.00/kg

Creamy Mash potato R20.00/kg

Potato tasty taters R20.00/kg

Potato and onion mix R20.00/kg

Hearty stew mix R20.00/kg

We’ve added a variety of 2kg veggies (Cauliflower,Corn,Peas and Corn,Roast veggies,Stir-fry)

@R40.00/2kg (You pay R20.00/kg!!!!!)

Pumpkin R23.00/kg

Marrows R24.50/kg

Soup and Stew mix R22.90/kg

Julienne carrots R21.90/kg

Cauliflower R23.90/kg

Oven Steakhouse chips 29.90/1.5kg

Mixed vegetables R22.50/kg

Baby carrots R26.90/kg

4 x Sweetcorn on cob R12.00

Spinach tomato and onion mix R15.00/kg

Potato Roasties R28.50/2.5kg (You pay R11.40/kg!!)

Spinach R27.00/kg

Fry chips R15.00/800g

Broccoli R28.20/kg
15x70g Sausage rolls R27.50 Fish fingers R54.00/kg Fish cakes R46.00/kg
Bacon pieces R59.50/kg 20x70gr Texan Burgers R39.80
Try our new cocktail products – Chicken strips, Pops and Nuggets
         cocktail meatballs cocktail samosas and spring rolls

Buy for R250 or more enter our lucky draw and stand a chance to win a

Mc Cain goodie Hamper

Visit “The Can Shop” (On premises)     

(Pears, Peaches, Apricot and Fruit cocktail) 420g from R6.50-R9.00, 825gr from R11.00-R15.00

420g VEG-Tomato relish,Mix veg, Chakalaka Hot and spicy, Curry veg,Spaghetti in tomato sauce Whole kernel,

Chopped tomato, Indian mix, Mediterranean mix,Tomato and onion,Black beans,Chic peas,Tomato and sweet chilli,Sweetcorn and  more   –    R8.50ea

ON SPECIAL  –  Mild an spicy chakalaka and Sweetcorn @ R7.00/420g

825g Pears R11.00  –  420g Fruit cocktail in pulp R7.50

JAM– Smooth red fig R15.00/460g – Orange jam R20.00/900g   –    410g APRICOT JAM ON SPECIAL @ R10.00 New in store glass 460g Lime Marmalade and  Pineapple jam – R20.00 Chunky Apricot Jam R12.00/325g

Beetroot relish R12.50/275g

While stocks last Please note that cans are slightly dented. We now also stock a range of home made Jams (also available in diabetic) and preserves.

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