March 2017 Specials (While stocks last)

R20 Crazy deals (Still going)

Cheesy Cauliflower bake R20.00/kg

Creamy Mash potato R20.00/kg

Potato tasty taters R20.00/kg

Hearty stew mix R20.00

Golden crisps(potato and onion mix) R20.00/kg

Cauliflower R23.90/kg

Mixed vegetables R22.50/kg

Butternut R23.20/kg

Baby carrots R26.90/kg

4 x Sweetcorn on cob R12.00

Spinach tomato and onion mix R15.00/kg

Roast potato R29.90/2.5kg (You pay R11.96/kg!!)

Spinach R27.00/kg

Brussel sprouts R19.00/kg

Broccoli R28.20/kg

15x70g Sausage rolls R27.50 Fish fingers R54.00/kg Fish cakes R46.00/kg 800gr Fry chips  R15.00/800g

Bacon pieces R59.50/kg 20x70gr Texan Burgers R39.80

Try our new cocktail products – Chicken strips, Pops and Nuggets

         cocktail meatballs cocktail samosas and spring rolls

Visit “The Can Shop” (On premises)   –    (Pears, Peaches, Apricot and Fruit cocktail) 420g from R6.50-R9.00, 825gr from R11.00-R15.00

420g VEG  -Tomato relish,  Mix veg, Chakalaka Hot and spicy, Curry veg, Spaghetti in tomato sauce Whole kernel,  Chopped tomato, Indian mix, Mediteranean mix, Tomato and onion, Black beans, Chic peas, Tomato and sweet chilli, Sweetcorn and more   –    R8.50ea JAM/– Smooth red fig R15.00/460g – Orange jam R20.00/900g   –    410g APRICOT JAM ON SPECIAL @ R10.00 New in store glass 460g Lime Marmalade and  Pineapple jam – R20.00 Chunky Apricot Jam R12.00/325g Beetroot relish R12.50/275g

While stocks last Please note that cans are slightly dented. We now also stock a range of home made Jams (also available in diabetic) and preserves.

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