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Available 11 June 2020 to 3 July 2020     500g Baby carrots R14.50 1kg French stir fry R23.80 500g Fry chips R10.90 1kg Country mix R23.50 1kg Cut beans R24.90 1kg Peas R25.90 1kg Broccoli R27.00 2kg Skin on wedges R42.00 1kg Potjie mix R22.90 2kg Roast vegetables R47.00 you pay R23.50/kg (Carrots, Butternut,…


Available 11 to 29 May 2020   1kg Cut beans R23.90 1kg Peas R26.90 1kg Broccoli R27.50 2.5kg Skin on wedges R59.90 1kg Potjie mix R23.90 1kg Tasti taters R38.50 incl 1kg Sliced peppers R22.90 1kg Mc Cain Battered onion rings R69.50 incl 100g Fish cakes R69.90/kg incl Frozen Lemon slices R19.00/kg Frozen Orange slices…

April 2020 Specials

AVAILABLE 17 TO 30 APRIL 2020   10kg Mixed veg (bulk) R210.00 400g Chef Mo Chicken Nuggets R23.50 incl 400g Chef Mo Chicken Pops R23.50 incl 1kg Tasti taters R38.50 incl Hake fillets R69.90/kg incl 1kg Baby carrots R27.90 1kg Sliced peppers R22.90 1kg Country style veg R24.90 1kg Mc Cain Battered onion rings R69.50…

Lockdown Trading hours

  #LOCKDOWN:  We at Frozen foods factory shop taking the well being of our customers and staff into consideration have decided to reduce our trading hours to Mondays, Wednesday, Friday  8H00 to 14H30. We have implemented a two person at a time in the shop policy.  We will attempt to limit physical contact between staff…


Available 13 to 27 March 2020                   10kg Mixed veg (bulk) R219.00 1kg 7mm Chips R24.90 2.5kg Skin on wedges R64.90 Ma Baker Pepper steak pies R8.50ea incl 2.5kg 10mm Chips R49.90 400g Chef Mo Chicken Nuggets R23.50 incl 400g Chef Mo Chicken Pops R23.50 incl 1kg…


AVAILABLE 5 TO 22 FEBRUARY 1kg Mixed vegetables R22.50 1kg Sliced Peppers R22.90 1kg Butternut R22.00/kg 1kg Cutbeans R24.90/kg 1kg Carrot roundels R13.90 1kg Julienne cut Marrows R22.00 1kg Baby Carrots R27.50 1kg Cutcorn R27.90 1kg Skin on Wedges R26.50 15x Potato Rosti’s R33.00 incl Rib Burger patties R21.50/4x70g incl 1kg French style mix R21.90…


           AVAILABLE 12 TO 31 DECEMBER 1kg Savoury rice R22.00 1kg Brussel sprouts R24.90 1kg Sweet potato R22.00 1kg Mix veg R22.00 1kg Sliced peppers R23.90 1kg Hawaiian stir fry R24.90 1kg Broccoli and Cauliflower mix R27.50 1kg Butternut R22.00 1kg Peas and Corn mix R33.50 1kg Diced onions R22.50 1kg…


Available 25 November to 6 December 2019 2kg Carrot roundels R29.00 1kg Sliced Marrow R22.00 1kg Broccoli R27.00 1kg Savoury rice R22.50 1kg Country mix R23.90 1kg Cutcorn R29.00 1kg Peas R31.50 1kg Pumpkin R22.00 500g Tasti taters R26.50 Hake fillets R85.50/kg incl Chicken pops R61.50/kg incl Chicken winglets R36.90/kg incl Texan Burgers R45.90/20x70g incl…


Available 14 to 23 October 2019Texan Burgers R29.90/12x70g incl Pre cooked chicken Steaklets R55.50/kg incl“Chef Mo” Crumbed chicken burgers R33.50/520g inc“Chef Mo” Crumbed chicken nuggets R27.50/400g incl 1kg Mixed veg R22.50 1kg Diced carrots R13.90 Mc Cain skinny fries R23.50/750g 1kg Mixed veg R22.50 Mixed peppers R13.50/500g 1kg Country mix R24.50 1kg Hawaiian stir fry…


1kg Mixed veg R21.90
1kg Diced carrots R14.50
1kg Broccoli and Cauliflower R26.50
1kg Savoury rice R21.50
1kg Brussel sprouts R24.50
1kg Spinach R27.00
1kg Cauliflower R24.90
1kg Sweet potato R22.00
1kg Cut beans R26.90
500g Sliced mushrooms R21.50
Fish cakes R51.00/kg incl
Tasti taters R24.00/500g incl
Hashbrowns R89.90/2.5kg incl
Pre cooked chicken Steaklets R55.50/kg incl
Crumbed chicken steaklets R55.00/kg incl
Crumbed chicken burgers R55.00/kg incl
Crumbed chicken nuggets R55.00/kg
More specials in store – While stocks last

Visit the Can Shop (On premises)
Try our R150.00 for 24 Can Hamper (You pay R6.25/can!!!)
3x 420g Italian mix + 3x 420g Tomato and onion+ 3x 420g Chick Peas
3x 420g Butter beans + 3x 420g Whole kernel
3x 420g Pears + 3x 420g Peach + 3x 420g Fruit cocktail

450gr Pineapple pieces R18.00
(Pears, Peaches, Apricot and Cocktail ) 420g from R6.50 – R9.00
825gr from R11.00- R15.00
ALL VEG R8.50ea
420g VEG -Tomato relish, Mix veg, Mild/Hot and spicy Chakalaka, Curry veg Tomato and onion, Mediterranean mix, Indian mix, Chopped tomato, Chic peas, Italian mix, Puree, Sweetcorn, Whole kernel and more
Please note cans are slightly dented – While stocks last